About Us

Who are we?

Our Mission

To ensure that every student is enabled to succeed regardless of race, class, gender or family background by supporting them from education to employment.

ACES Project is an established, leading and award winning (not for profit) organisation that has successfully helped 10,000s of students, from BAME background and inner city schools, to achieve their fullest potential in school, prepare to secure quality employment and make a positive difference in society.

We firmly believe that no child should be left behind and that ‘every child should be empowered to succeed‘, so we work and partner with schools, parents, companies and youth organisations to equip students to succeed through various creative, engaging and practical workshops and programmes.

What’s New?

We have recently merged our SYFCONNECT programme for college students with our Maximum Achievement programme to create the new and dynamic 2018 Securing Your Future Workshops and Assembly Tours.

Our Achievements

The 3 R’s Of Our Success: Relationships, Reach And Reputation

The present success of our mission has been due to our dedication to creating strong relationships, our ability to bridge the gaps in the community, and our commitment to perfecting our program for the highest possible level of satisfaction of its participants.


Since 2004, the ACES Youth Project has offered innovative projects and workshops to schools across the capital, which has enabled us to build strong relationships with the teachers, students, parents, businesses, high profile achievers and celebrities who we have had the pleasure of working with. We strive to maintain these relationships through our constant commitment to the growth and betterment of our organisation and the community it serves.


Our broad reach within the community is now citywide, making us a valuable partner no matter where your school or business is located. ACES has provided services to schools and LEA’s in 22 of the 32 London boroughs and  ACES has successfully engaged and developed community cohesion between the African Caribbean and the wider community at various creative and innovative events.

Since 2008, over 200 schools have attended the ACES Diamond Ball Awards. 1,000s of head teachers, parents and students have joined ACES at various awards and employment events, many of which have been aired on BEN TV Sky Channel 188 or featured in the national newspaper- THE VOICE.


Our unblemished, outstanding reputation makes it easy to associate with us.  Our surveys show that customer satisfaction with the ACES Youth Project is consistently high, with 98% of students who attend the workshops saying they would recommend them to a friend, and  100% of schools who booked the programme in 2016 rebooked for 2017.

The ACES Youth Project is TRIED, TESTED and TRUSTED.

Working With Students- Our Key Areas of Focus

Inspiring through mentorship

Since 2004, ACES has worked in partnership with organisations and professionals to inspire students to discover and achieve their fullest potential. ACES students also have unique opportunities to visit different companies and shadow professionals at work in order to gain invaluable first hand insight in places of work.

ACES Achievement Awards Ceremony & School Presentation Evenings

ACES commitment to celebrating the achievements of the brightest and most motivated students, whilst inspiring their peers, has won support and endorsements from numerous celebrities and high profile achievers. Likewise, 1,000s of head teachers, parents and students have joined ACES at various awards and employment events. To date, over 200 schools have attended the ACES Achievement Awards- ACES Diamond Ball Awards.

Building Stronger Communities

ACES develops community cohesion and understanding of cultural diversity in school and the work place through various projects, resources and by providing students with access to inspirational role models from diverse backgrounds.

Preparing Students for Leadership

ACES is committed to equipping its students with the best tools and opportunities to pursue excellence in school and beyond through innovative and specific school and industry related workshops, online training and visits.

Developing Responsible Citizens

Service is at the heart of what we do. All ACES students are expected to give back to their school, local communities and the wider world. Many ACES students go on to become school prefects or complete voluntary work within the UK or abroad.