Who knew that on a Saturday afternoon, little old me would be walking into the Bank of America Merrill Lynch (BAML) headquarters in Canary Wharf, as if I owned the place?

Well it was thanks to collaboration between The Knowledge Channel and the BAML who made it all happen. I took part in an inspirational workshop which was aptly called ‘Empowering you to Excel’ and I can honestly say that it did just that, giving me the ‘fire in my belly’ which is essential when tediously job seeking as I am in the process of doing.

 For me, the most significant piece of advice I acquired on the day was from Tim Campbell, who spoke to us in a frank and open way. Amongst his five ‘P’s’ (Passion, Plan, Perseverance and Partners) was what he liked to call ‘Planetary Assistance’ which is basically good old-fashioned luck, or the notion of being ‘in it to win it’. Mr. Campbell assured myself, and the rest of the participants present at the workshop, that having a clear goal is vital, and once combined with the five ‘P’s’, we are likely to succeed in whatever we set out to do.

I was more than satisfied with the high quality of the workshop, and was particularly glad that instead of being anywhere else on that Saturday, I was present and able to acquire such invaluable (and free) advice from high profile achievers such as Hanna Acquah, Viola Ncube and Tim Campbell. I was slightly surprised that there weren’t more students and young professionals present on the day, as I feel that it was an opportunity not to be missed. I will definitely be attending the next two workshops, which are scheduled to take place in the coming weeks.