We have worked with the BBC over the last five years. It has been exciting helping to develop, test and share various programmes over the years. We have also shared various apprenticeship opportunities with our students, parents and school groups. The  apprenticeship roles at the BBC are varied, they include roles for graduates and non graduates.


The ACES Youth Project and ACES Aspire Youth teams were delighted to attend the 2018 BBC Partnership meeting with www.acesaspire.com (ACES Youth magazine and team). We were excited to learn more about the BBC First Steps Mentoring Programme and other BBC Apprenticeship schemes. We also got another opportunity to tour BBC’s amazing  newsroom.

We believe that the three day mentoring programme will be beneficial to all the young people who attend and so we would like to encourage every student who is interested in media and broadcasting to apply. You can find out more about the scheme below.

BBC First Steps Mentoring Programme

Kick-start your knowledge about broadcasting and apprenticeship roles at the BBC

Join the BBC for three days of mentoring, shadowing, employability training and masterclasses

How to Apply1. We’re looking for people who are passionate about learning more about media and broadcasting. Tell us about you and why you want to do an apprenticeship with the BBC/work in the media? – if you can, please answer this question by recording yourself on a selfie video or recording a piece of audio of no more than 40 seconds
2. What news story has caught your eye recently and why do you care about it? (no more than 250 words)
3. What TV/ Radio Programme do you watch or listen to and why? (no more than 250 words)
• Candidates must email us the video/audio and the written answers to questions 2 and 3 to naomi.blackbourn@bbc.co.uk by Friday 1st December 2017.
• Remember to give us your full name, address and telephone number with your application.
• You can also attach a reference from whoever has recommended that you apply for First Steps eg. college tutor, community group representative.
• Applicants must be over 16