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Our visit to Facebook HQ is definitely one of ACES Youth Project’s most memorable experiences this year. Three young editors from the ACESAspire.com youth, student and media team were given the unique opportunity to visit one of the world’s most recognised companies.

They received a tour of the headquarters, got an insight into the working environment and a deeper understanding of the culture. They also had an insightful  and informal conversation, over lunch, about life at Facebook and the steps to becoming a lady in tech and stem with Pearl Oguchi.

It was certainly an inspiring event and the students documented their experiences in their own articles on the ACES online student- led magazine www.acesaspire.com.

L. Brant wrote this in her article: Art and Expression in Facebook Headquarters (London)

 It was a truly “eye-opening” visit to the world of tech and to see what goes on behind the scenes of a social media site that many of us use. On that same day too, I decided that I may have a second dream career!


E. Omitogun was also impressed with the range of jobs that she discovered during her visit to Facebook: Visiting Facebook: A Tech Company with Universal Opportunities 

Prior to this trip I, along with many others, assumed that a tech company like Facebook would only offer jobs related to the tech industry but this couldn’t be further from the truth. A tech companies offer a wide range of jobs ranging from the fields of design and healthcare to law, HR and marketing.

E. Bello was so amazed by her visit and the level of employment satisfaction, she is now considering a job at Facebook. In her article Facebook and the Modern Workplace she has stated that:

Pearl Oguchi, told us that she wants to die at Facebook (obviously not in the near future). Facebook has secured their worker’s loyalty. By promoting diversity and togetherness, they are ensuring that Facebook has a new generation of people to work there. I know that I, for one, am turned!

Special thanks to Facebook and Pearl for giving AcES Youth Project and ACESAspire.com this wonderful and memorable experience.