The second J.P. Morgan Mentoring Evening Announced!

The second BOLD EMEA and ACES Mentoring Evening has been announced! The event will take place on Thursday, 28th May 2015 and you definitely cannot miss this event.

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This mentoring evening with J.P. Morgan professionals is ideal for smart, dynamic and forward-thinking students (16- 18) and their parents.

ACES Youth Project and BOLD EMEA (J,P. Morgan) succesfully launched the first BOLD EMEA and ACES Mentoring Evening on the 8th April 2015 at J.P. Morgan (Canary Wharf). The second mentoring event will take place on Thursday, 28th May 2015.

ACES Youth Project Student

Aims of the BOLD EMEA and ACES Mentoring Evening

The second BOLD EMEA and ACES Mentoring Evening aims to:

Introduce students to professionals at one of the world’s leading banking and financial companies
prepare students to be ready to secure quality employment by bridging the gap between the culture at home,
school and work.

Encourage meaningful dialogue between students, parents and professionals in order to improve knowledge of the
workplace and actively ensure social mobility amongst students from inner city schools.

ACES Youth Project Students

A Memorable and Unique Event

The event will take place on the J.P. Morgan premises where students will get the opportunity to experience and visit a high profile place of work

For the first time parents, students (from inner city UK schools) and professionals from J.P. Morgan will have a unique opportunity to converse and discuss educational and employment issues in a bespoke mentoring session.

Both parents and students will gain invaluable insight into the skills and knowledge needed to secure quality employment through their discussions and interaction with some of the company’s leading professionals.

Parents and students will be equipped to work together to plan for a brighter future whilst building the vital relationship and interaction needed for every student to achieve.

A Parent’s Testimonial

So what did people think about the last J.P. Morgan Mentoring Evening? Have a listen to this parents experience.

J.P. Morgan Employees

Attendees will meet J.P. Morgan employees (from various cultural backgrounds) who have volunteered to mentor both students and parents.

Event Outline

The event is set to be informative, inspiring and impactful. It will include presentations, discussions, role play and interviews.

Light refreshments will be provided for attendees.

Where can I book my ticket? FREE tickets will be issued in a week’s time. You can subscribe to the newsletter and we will notify you when the tickets issued.

Organisers and Sponsors

J. P. Morgan Bold Logo

BOLD EMEA (J.P. Morgan)

‘Our aim as BOLD is to partner with ACES on mentoring and recruitment by running workshops for 16 to 19 year olds (and parents) from under privileged backgrounds and to equip them with strong work ethics and insight into the world of work. Children from diverse cultural backgrounds tend to do better when parents and professionals work together to bridge the gap between the culture at home and the culture in school. BOLD‘s objectives is to bridge the gap.’

BOLD EMEA is a Business Resource Group with focus on partnership with J.P. Morgan’s various businesses, the community and partner firms in the City in order to develop and promote top talents from diverse backgrounds.


‘Every Child Deserves to Succeed. With the right information, support and guidance every child can succeed. Our partnership with BOLD will help equip more parents to support their children and more inner city students to take bolder steps towards a brighter future.’

ACES Youth Project (ACES) is an award winning ‘not for profit’ organisation providing award winning programmes, resources and events that bridge the gap between education, employment and enterprise.