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Online Course: Introduction to Securing the Employment of Your Choice

This course is for young people who are currently looking for employment or simply would like to get themselves work ready. It is an introductory course that aims to get you to think about your skills, your qualifications, your industry of interest and to think about how you will be able to secure employment in that industry.
Once completed you should be armed with invaluable information for your CV and about your industry to create a compelling CV and cover letter to the companies of interest.

The course is short but it is important that you spend a few hours or a day thinking about the information, researching and collating the relevant evidence for each section.

Have fun and remember the more detailed your responses are the more prepared you will be to produce or improve your CV and prepare to manoeuvre into the industry of your choice.

  • Achievement
  • Culture
  • Excellence
  • Service


We often forget some of our greatest achievements and this section is aimed at getting you to think about your achievements and what transferable skills that you may have that employers might be looking for.

List your key Achievements

  • Primary School
  • Secondary School
  • College
  • University

List which skills fit in the following category

  • Communication
  • Reliability
  • Punctuality
  • Attendance
  • Leadership
  • Team Work

Understanding your industry

It is important to think about the area that you would like to work in, does it fit your personality and core interests?

What is the culture of your industry?

  • Conservative
  • Vibrant
  • Fast paced

What are the top 3 companies to work for in your industry?


Look at the companies’ website or brochures. What will you need to do to get into these companies?
What is their dress code?

  • Casual
  • Conservative

3. What are their main areas of interests?


If you want to achieve great things, you have to make the commitment to be the very bext that you can be from the outset. Furthermore, most employers are looking for employers who will add value to their company, so what do you have to offer?

  • What skills and talents have you got to offer your employer?
  • What courses (online or offline) will you need to do to get to the level necessary to succeed in your industry?


If you are currently unemployed or not working in the area of your interest, we can stress enough the importance of getting experience in your industry. This often gives you the ‘foot’ into your industry.

  • What volunteering roles have you taken part in?
  • List roles and when?
  • If you have not volunteered, which three organisations could you work for in your area of interest?
  • What roles would you be interested and why?

This short free seven day self-evaluation is aimed at getting you to think about your employability skills and consider what other skills you need to secure employment in the area of interest. If you would like more guidance, feel free to sign up to one of our quarterly employment training session.

Thank you for completing this introductory course. We hope that you found it very useful.


    What did you like about the course?
    How would you improve the course?
    Would you recommend a friend?

Student Feedback

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Comment for Achievement section

Congratulations! We hope now you will recognise that you have alot of skills that you can include on your CV.

Great stuff! Understanding your culture and others is important but often overlooked.


Excellent! (Excuse the pun) If you always give your best you will only keep on moving forwards.


Wonderful! Too few people know the benefits of serving. What you give really comes back to you.

For students who complete all.

Congratulations, you are well on your way to writing a great CV which is targeted to your area of interest.

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